Paddle Feeder

The popular Abbey Paddle Mixer Feeder, is available in two models, 100 CD and 145 GD. All models are fitted with our unique mixing rotor which has been perfected over many years. Each load is mixed and blended into a consistent and uniform feed ration, unequalled by any other paddle mixer on the market. To get the most out of expensive feed additives and rations, a simple, reliable and complete weighing system is important, this is why we supply the advanced Digi Star system on all our Paddle Feeders. This system is renowned for reliability and accuracy, providing many options unavailable from others.

Key Points of Abbey Paddle Range:

  • Superior barrel thickness and quality providing long and useful life of the machine.
  • Our uniquely designed angled paddles allow a fast, efficient, and consistent mix.
  • A large low positioned discharge door enables quick and complete emptying of the machine.
  • Double chassis design provides greater rigidity, strength eliminating mixing.
  • Chamber stress and improved accuracy of the 4-point weighing system.
  • Clearly visible discharge door for ease of use.
  • Simplicity and Abbey strength providing excellent value for money.
  • Sliding door gives the advantages of successful varied discharges. Allowing one to add ingredients to the ration during different feed out stages.